How To Find a Locum Doctor for Your Chiropractor’s Office

As a chiropractor who owns their business, time off may be considered a luxury out of reach. 

Smaller practices might have more difficulty finding coverage or having the financial means to bring other employees on board. The solution? A locum doc can provide much-needed time off for injuries, vacations, or continuing education. 

If you haven’t heard of a locum doctor, we are here to tell you more about it. Our complete guide will review what a locum chiropractor is, how you can benefit from one, and how to maximize your time off this year. Keep reading for more information!

What Is a Locum Doctor?

In short, a locum doctor is a temporary doctor. In this case, a qualified chiropractor can stand in as a chiropractic coverage doctor for extended time off. A temporary chiropractor is ideal for clinics unable to shut down for a week or two or those looking at bringing in an extra set of hands for a short period. 

A locum chiropractor does not work directly for your facility. Rather, they are contracted with an agency and temporarily work for your clinic.

Locum Chiropractor Advantages

Vacations are crucial for rejuvenating and taking time away from work. One of the advantages of bringing a locum chiropractor into your chiropractor’s office is to take extended leave. For many chiropractors who work for small practices, it becomes impossible to take time off. 

Additionally, emergent family situations may pull you away from the office. Rather than losing revenue and limiting patient care, a chiropractic coverage doctor can step in your place for a specified period and help your practice remain open and profitable. 

The other advantage of temporarily hiring a trained chiropractor is for busy seasons. The job outlook for chiropractors is expected to increase by nearly 10% between 2021 and 2031. 

With this demand, you might find your practice overwhelmed seasonally by increased patient visits and the need to fill a temporary spot. Locum chiropractors can offer this advantage and help you determine if it is worth the cost to hire someone else full or part-time.

Locum Chiropractor Disadvantages

The primary disadvantage of hiring a temporary chiropractor is continuity of care. Each chiropractor might have a different style or intervention they prefer. This could make it challenging for your patients to switch to a new chiropractor. 

However, this disadvantage is mitigated by selecting highly qualified and versatile chiropractors through staffing advantages. We help match you to chiropractors who fit your clinic’s needs so that there is no continuity of care issues. Other benefits of chiropractor staffing agencies are:

  • Fill slots quicker
  • Scale your business
  • Schedule more patients

Finding a Locum Chiropractor

To maintain patient care plans, you need an agency specialized in helping you find a locum chiropractor. Some of the top reasons you will need a locum doctor in the future are:

  • Vacations
  • Seminars
  • Continuing education courses
  • Maternity leave
  • Unexpected emergencies

Chiro Match Makers has simplified the process into three easy steps. First, you will speak with our locum specialist, who can explain how the process works. Next, you will be matched with a locum chiropractor who matches your practice. 

Then, you can take your leave of absence and have quality care coverage. Since we specialize in chiropractic staffing, you can rest easy knowing that we only find a range of highly skilled chiropractors who can accommodate your practice needs. 

Continue Chiropractic Care When You Leave

Maybe you want a vacation, or an unexpected injury takes you out of practice. A locum doctor is a quick and easy solution that can fill your slot to take a short or long-term leave of absence.

They are ideal, on-the-go professionals who are versatile and knowledgeable. Rather than sifting through job listings yourself, a chiropractic staffing agency can help. 

At Chiro Match Makers, we specialize in temporary staffing chiropractors at offices nationwide. To get started, contact us today!

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