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How it Works

schedule a call with our chiropractic staffing agency

Step 1- Schedule Your Call

Let’s get clear on who you’re looking to hire to reach your goals. Then we’ll build out your specific job model.

deploy our chiropractic staffing team

Step 2- Deploy Our Team

Our team of experts gets to work for you sourcing, vetting, qualifying, and interviewing job candidates that match your unique job model.

interview chiropractic candidates

Step 3- Interview Your Matched Candidates

Only interview the Associate DC candidates matched to your specific job model. No more kissing frogs.

Chiro Match Makers makes the process of hiring better, faster, easier, and cheaper.


You’ll end up with a better hire. We’re experts at this incredibly difficult process. it will be a better experience, with a better team member, and a better business. You can look forward to more revenue and profits. Life is better with Chiro Match Maker.


You may be faster finding a person to hire, but is it the right person? Hiring the wrong person is painful, and stressful and often ends up as a mis-hire that results in team turnover that kills momentum. We are the fastest way to you finding the right person for your team to have your own ideal team.


The hiring process is really hard, we make it easier. It’s really expensive to take your focus off your business. You stay focused on your business, while we stay focused on finding your next ideal team member.

Don’t Take it From Us, See What Other Chiropractors are Saying.

“I have hired 2 associate doctors from Chiro Match Makers. Our first hire is going on three years with our office and just received a promotion.”

Dr. Brian Dahmer

“We have been using Chiro Match Makers for years. Kathia is the best recruiter we have ever worked with. She always take great care of us!”

Dr. Brian Anderson

“I have been using Chiro Match Makers for a few years now and I continue to be amazed at their persistence and support in finding A team members for me, even in this crazy hiring climate we have had the past few years.”

Dr. Heather Rice

“Hannah did a great job helping us recruit a new doctor! Really took a lot of the leg work out of hiring. Thank you!”

Dr. Sarah Ernst
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