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Find Great Associate Doctors

Let us do the tedious, time sucking task of sifting through resumes.

Hire Great Associate Doctors

We use predictive behavioral data to ensure the perfect match for your practice.

Keep Great Associate Doctors

The right match leads to less turnover and more stability for the practice.

We Are Experts In All Types Of Associate Chiropractor Staffing Situations

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What Makes Chiro Match Makers So Effective At Finding Ideal Matches?

The Chiro Match Maker process was born out of our own personal pain and failures as we attempted to build and scale our own practices. The solutions that we created evolved into the system that guides our unique services for the Chiropractic profession.

We start by always forming a crystal clear understanding with a clinic owner own of their goals and pain points with staff. Once we understand what you are working towards creating, we then begin to define and build your “avatar,” or ideal job model for the person that would fill that position inside of your unique office.


Your specific systems, culture, current team members, and even your own distinct traits as a leader and owner all have to be considered when we define who exactly we are looking for to fill this position for you.We have observed that the most successful companies use data to guide their decisions. Data helps to take emotion out of decisions, which is particularly helpful when you are hiring someone to not go off of your gut feelings towards someone.


Unfortunately, it is not easy to gather useful predictive data on potential candidates applying for positions that you need to hire for. There are several low level tests available online that do not provide the necessary accuracy or depth of insights to effectively use when hiring.


Our suite of unique and proprietary tools creates our “Predictive Alignment Algorithm.” This formula is then used as the lens to qualify all potential applicants for the Associate Doctor position that you have available. 


Our system has been tested inside of multimillion dollar fortune 100 companies, service companies, and small businesses.  This system has never been available to Chiropractors before.


One of the largest unexpected expenses to a business is the cost of hiring the wrong people. Between bad google reviews, lost training time, divisive behavior inside of your team, and the bad business reputation that a mis-hire will create, you can appreciate how the average cost to you as the owner is between 4-7 times of the person’s salary if you get this wrong.


We are passionate Chiropractors focused on helping other Chiropractors build the practices of their dreams. When chiropractors are successful, your entire community benefits.

We are the profession’s largest associate chiropractor staffing agency, serving not only individual Chiropractic offices, but also some of its most well known brands

How Our Predictive Alignment Algorithm Works


1. Schedule Your Discovery Call

Set up a convenient time to have our Associate doctor placement specialists explain how our system works, why it's so effective for long term successful hiring, and answer all of your questions.

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2. Follow Our Proven, Predictive Placement Process

Harness our propitiatory predictive alignment algorithm to create a customized avatar and plan of attack to find the ideal doctor for your office.


3. Find the Perfect Fit For Your Team

Allow us to find the person missing from your team so that you can get back to using your strengths and create the time and freedom to build the practice of your dreams.

Have a question for our team? Call us now at:
(888) 812-1238

What Could Not Having A Predictable Chiropractic Hiring Process Be Costing You?

1. The pain, lost time, and lost income from hiring the wrong person is expensive and one of the greatest sources of stress for a clinic owner.

2. Ignoring these employee problems, hoping they will magically get better is not the answer. This usually will only make things worse and cost you more money in the long run. Never hire when your back is against the wall.

3. Your business struggles are a warning sign that you do not have the right people on your team. Ignoring lagging results will only make things worse.