We are chiropractic recruiters

We are specialists at building effective & focused chiropractic teams. We know and appreciate that amazing CA’s are the foundation of a strong practice, and that the right associate doctor in the right office is a win-win for our entire profession. Meet our chiropractic recruiters!

Chiropractic recruiters

Adriana Loya
Director of CA Placement

  • Passionate Placement Expert with over 10 years of HR experience 
  • Wildly Successful Chiropractic Practice Manager
  • Over 10 years industry experience
  • Certified Behavioral Analyst
  • Fluent in multiple languages
  • Chiropractic Assistant Recruiting Expert
Mar Mouw Chiropractic recruiters

Dr. Mark Mouw

  • Has started and operated 3 successful high-volume chiropractic offices
  • His current office serves 1000+ visits a week and uses a successful Associate Doctor driven practice model
  • Director of Associate Doctor Placement for Chiro Match Makers
  • A Chiropractic Coach and Presenter for The Remarkable Practice
  • Co-Founder of Aligned Teams whose purpose is to illuminate, develop, and harness the STRENGTHs of chiropractors and their teams
  • Certified coach of Clifton StrengthFinders and PDP Global

Sheila Mielcarek

  • Successful Business and Marketing Strategist with over 15 years’ experience helping some of the most successful Entrepreneurs scale for growth
  • Founder of Strategic Momentum Solutions
  • Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers

Dr Adrian Couzner
Director of DC / CA Placement in Australia

  • Australian Chiropractor with 25 years experience
  • 2 highly successful Sydney based practices
  • Employed over 15 Associates and 23 CA’s in his career
  • Is a creator of long term successful relationships
  • Coach and Speaker for The Remarkable Practice
  • Certified in PDP profiling
  • Associate doctor and chiropractic assistant placement expert

Dr. Allen Miner

  • Passionate business creator & investor
  • Systems and procedures specialist
  • Expert in building diverse, high performing teams
  • Founder of Ideal Team
  • Founder Magnify Dance Studio
  • Founder Nikle Co. Spirits
  • Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers

Dr. Stephen Franson

  • Ultra-Successful DC with 24 Years of Practice Experience
  • Built Huge, Successful Practice
  • World Renown Associate Doctor Program
  • Founder of The Remarkable Practice
  • Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers