About Us

Chiro Match Makers are Chiropractic Recruiters

Our team is here to help you build your ideal team. We are specialists in helping chiropractors source, recruit, and hire the right chiropractic associates and chiropractic assistants for their practice. 

Hiring the right team members can generate millions of dollars in additional revenue for your practice. Here is the team that can make it happen for you.

Leadership Team

Dr. Allen Miner

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • Passionate business creator & investor
  • Systems and procedures specialist
  • Expert in building diverse, high performing teams
  • Founder of Ideal Team
  • Founder Magnify Dance Studio
  • Founder Nikle Co. Spirits
  • Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers

Dr. Mark Mouw

Co-Founder, Director of DC Placements

  • Has started and operated 3 successful high-volume chiropractic offices
  • His current office serves 1000+ visits a week and uses a successful Associate Doctor driven practice model
  • A Chiropractic Coach and Presenter
  • Certified coach of Clifton StrengthFinders and PDP Global

Sheila Mielcarek


  • Successful Business and Marketing Strategist with over 15 years’ experience helping some of the most successful Entrepreneurs scale for growth
  • Founder of Strategic Momentum Solutions
  • Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers

Dr. Stephen Franson


  • Ultra-Successful DC with 24 Years of Practice Experience
  • Built Huge, Successful Practice
  • World Renown Associate Doctor Program
  • Founder of The Remarkable Practice
  • Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers

Wendy Miner

Director of CA Placement

  • Successful Chiropractic clinic owner with 20 years of industry experience
  • Former CA trainer & coach
  • Licensed Pro Scan predictive behavioral assessment specialist
  • Professional ballerina

Dr. Zsolt Egey-Samu

Director of DC/CA Placement in Canada

  • Dedicated placement expert with 10 years of retail/marketing experience
  • 10 years of hospitality experience
  • 20 years of chiropractic experience
  • Licensed Pro Scan predictive behavioral assessment specialist
  • Chiropractic assistant, associate doctor and the team assessment expert
  • Passionate about training and equipping teams

Dr. Adrian Couzner

Director of DC / CA Placement in Australia

  • Australian Chiropractor with 25 years experience
  • 2 highly successful Sydney based practices
  • Employed over 15 Associates and 23 CA’s in his career
  • Is a creator of long term successful relationships
  • Chiropractic Coach and Speaker
  • Licensed Pro Scan predictive behavioral assessment specialist

Nick Lancaster

Director of Technology

  • Co-founder PivotBay Consulting
  • Co-founder AOMSI diagnostics
  • Successful Business Executive with an MBA and 10+ years’ experience in healthcare management
  • Specializes in operations management, new patient acquisition and revenue optimization
  • Passionate about building and growing healthcare companies

Dr. Jeff Langmaid

Director of Marketing

  • Founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor
  • Co-founder of The Smart Chiropractor
  • Author of Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors.
  • Highly regarded speaker presenting material on chiropractic research, marketing, and relationship building.
  • Featured on Yahoo Health, Prevention Magazine, Chiropractic Economics, CBS News, MSN Health, and more.

Recruiting Team

Adriana Loya

Director of Placement Team

Stephanie Casalino


Magali Moreno


Kathia Ochoa

CA Recruiter

Therese Casalino


Hannah Montoya

Data Analyst

Alexa Shepard

Data Analyst

Mariana Lopez

Talent Seeker