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We specialize in placing doctors in successful offices with excellent pay, clearly defined job descriptions, and with specific expectations.

Finding a great associate job is vital for you and your livelihood, and important for the survival of our profession. Our focus is to create win-win situations between owners and associate DC’s.

After years of schooling, and perhaps years spent practicing your craft as a doctor of chiropractic, you bring tremendous value to an office as an associate DC with your unique skills, talents, and license to practice chiropractic.

Your skill set, chiropractic knowledge and technique, clinical expertise, education, and unique personality all combine to provide immense value for the right practice that is looking for someone with your unique combination of talents and skills.

How Does Chiro Talent Match Work?

1. Talk Directly With Us

Speak with one of our associate doctor advocates. Allow us the opportunity to learn what your ideal job is and your unique skill set.

2. Search Our Job Openings

All of the owners we work with have gone through the CMM discovery process to ensure we have the best jobs for associate doctors.

3. Submit Your Resume

Interested in one of our jobs? Start by sending us your resume so we can match you with a job that meets your needs.

What Makes Us Different Than a Job Board or Recruiter?

When you are working in the right practice, in the right job for you, life is good. When you are valued and properly compensated for your skills, the office benefits and so should you.

Our unique behavioral algorithm ensures that we only bring job opportunities to you that are an ideal fit for your strengths, your personality, and your experience. We ensure that you find the job that you are hard wired to succeed in.

Please allow us to let you in on the dirty little secret from our profession. Many associate chiropractic doctors are hired simply because they have a chiropractic license. This is another way of saying that you are a warm body that showed up at a time that a chiropractor was desperate to find someone. I realize that this does not sound warm and fuzzy, but it happens regularly. We are chiropractors, have worked as associate doctors, and we exist to help stop the cannibalization of our associate doctors.

Something that makes our profession so beautiful and unique is that we have so many different styles of practice. We have different adjustment techniques, different approaches to how we practice and collect payment, there are different clientele bases within in our communities that we focus our practice towards serving.

This all comes together to help us find you the best job, at the best pay, in the best area for you to live the life you dreamed of when you decided to become a chiropractor.

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