Let’s find your ideal Virtual CA.

How it Works

Step 1- Schedule Your Call

Let’s get clear on what tasks you need help with. Then we’ll build out your specific job model.

Step 2- We Learn Your Job

Our Director of Virtual CA’s will personally learn more job so we know exactly how to meet, and exceed, your expectations.

Step 3- Check-In Weekly

A weekly check-in call ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your Virtual CA (who are our employees and part of our company). You have no risk.

Virtual CA’s are up to 70% cheaper than an in-office CA

10 Hours Per Week
($18 Hour)


20 Hours Per Week
($16 Hour)


30 Hours Per Week
($15 Hour)


40 Hours Per Week
($14 Hour)


Agreements are monthly and auto drafted on the 1st of each month and automatically renew. Changes or cancellation for the next month must be received and confirmed by the 20th of the current month.

What Can a Virtual CA Help You With?

Any tasks that have a process that can be taught and delegated, including…

  • Confirmation Calls
  • Patient Follow-Up Calls
  • Insurance Verification
  • Instagram Follower Growth
  • Data Transfer
  • New Patient Lead Management

What clients of Virtual CA are Saying

“You will not regret this decision! Revenue will come out of this.”

Dr. Ron


Our flat rate pricing offers up to 70% savings compared to the cost of an in-house employee when including payroll taxes, wages, and office space costs. Working with us also helps you avoid potential legal liabilities when hiring an in-house employee in certain states. Hiring a Virtual CA for your phone lines prevents patients from going elsewhere if they cannot get through to you. For doctors using our scribe/transcription service, the time saved by not having to update your EHR/EMR continuously will allow you to see more patients each day.

Our Virtual CA’s go through a robust training regimen designed by our founders, covering everything from general EHR/EMR systems to HIPAA compliance. They bring a wealth of healthcare knowledge to the table; many have backgrounds in healthcare, while others have degrees in other healthcare disciplines. Of course, once on board, you’ll need to provide hands-on training on the specific workflow they’ll be part of in your office – just as you would with any new employee!

The Philippines is the perfect destination for Virtual CA’s because of its abundance of English-speaking nursing and medical talent, a strong work ethic, competitive pay and benefits compared to local standards, and strict regulations ensuring confidential information about its employers remains secure. All this contributes to the country’s reputation for being a reliable source of talented individuals.