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Chiropractic Office Coverage TeamWe specialize in finding you a temporary chiropractic coverage doctor, also called a Locum doctor, when you have to be away from your office. Keeping your doors open means you are able to make money while you are away from the office.

We specialize in extended coverages if you need to be gone for maternity leave, chiropractic vacation relief, or injury coverage. We also provide shorter term coverages if you need time away for vacation coverage, or if you need time away for a seminar. Hiring a coverage chiropractor is one of the smartest moves you can make as a clinic owner for several reasons.

First, when you close your doors for any period of time, you lose both money and momentum. The costs to run your practice do not stop simply because you are gone. The bottom line is it becomes expensive to close your doors. Additionally, add on top of that the cost of a vacation if you are traveling for pleasure, and it is a double hit to your bottom line. Not to mention, we often hear how long it takes clinic owners to get their momentum back and their numbers back up after they have been closed for a while.

Second, if you have a long term goal of not having a personality driven practice, but a true business with associate doctors that allow you to step away you’re your business without having to be the person running everything, then a temporary doctor to cover while you are gone is a great way to ease your patients into receiving care from another chiropractor.

Thirdly, this helps keep your staff engaged and paid while you are away, and keeps momentum with your patients.

How Does Chiro Locum Work?

1. Schedule Your Brainstorming Session

Set up a convenient time to have our locum temporary placement specialists explain how our system works, why it’s so effective to find you a coverage doc, and answer all of your questions.

2. We Find You
A Locum DC

Our team goes to work finding a doctor that matches the adjusting techniques you use in your office so that the coverage you receive is as seamless as possible for your patients

3. Enjoy Your
Time Away

Rest assured that your business is in great hands while you are away and that what you have built will be ready for you when you return back to the office!

Types of Coverage

Maternity Coverage

Injury Coverage

Vacation Relief

What We Do

Receive Office Coverage

Enjoy your time out of the office knowing it is still producing
revenue and helping patients.

Provide Office Coverage

If you are looking for permanent placement or to provide temporary coverage we have you covered.

What Our Clients Say

“Your company has been such a blessing and has renewed my faith, confidence, and belief in our profession and am proud that Chiropractors can really look out for each other! On behalf of myself, my staff, and my family, thank you so much!!!”

– Dr. Michael Weaver

“Thank you for finding me coverage. This was the easiest I have ever dealt with anyone for coverage. Second, your doctor was awesome. He was very informative to all of our patients. They said he was great at adjusting all 5 regions. He was respectful and I have absolutely no complaints.”

– Adam Cheise

What Makes Us Different?

Our company was created by chiropractors, for chiropractors, to solve problems we had in our own practices. Over the last decade, we have found the only way to ensure the success of both owners and coverage Chiropractors has been to create a highly precise and effective match backed by evaluation, experience, and evidence. Our expansive network of talent cuts across the entire chiropractic ecosystem. This is all driven by a thirst to innovate, build and scale.

We have found most chiropractors and owners all want the same things from a career – to do worthwhile work that they are passionate about, make a difference in the world, and get paid handsomely. But this perfect scenario never just falls into your lap, so the question becomes how can you flip the odds to be in your favor?

With most chiropractic clinic owners having never hired a coverage doctor, the root of the problem stems from the fact that most of these arrangements start out with guesswork, gut-feelings, or a quick need to fill a void. This is a recipe for disaster. We get it. We’ve been there before, and countless others will no doubt be there in the future. When you don’t have a good fit, no one involved in the relationship wins.

Our chiropractic temporary staffing service helps stop the madness and frustration found on both sides of finding temporary help for your clinic. This ensures that your doors stay open, your staff gets paid, your patients receive continued care, and you still make money while you are away.

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