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Chiropractic Locum and Coverage Services

Chiropractic Office Coverage TeamChiro Match Makers can help you find a temporary chiropractic coverage doctor, or locum doctor, when you need to be away from your practice. A chiropractic coverage doctor will help you continue to generate revenue, maintain your patient’s care plans, and maintain the momentum of your practice while you are away. 

Whether you need to be away short-term or long-term, we’ve got your back. Our expert team of chiropractic coverage doctors has helped hundreds of chiropractors stay profitable while out of practice. 

A few of the most common reasons for chiropractic office coverage include: 

  • Maternity Leave
  • Vacation Relief
  • Injury Coverage
  • Seminar/CE Days

Your expenses don’t stop simply because you’re gone. If you close your doors every time you need to be out of the practice, you lose money and momentum. Hiring a locum chiropractor with Chiro Match Makers can help you stay revenue positive while you’re out of the practice while continuing the momentum

A temporary chiropractic coverage doctor can also help you begin to take the next step in the growth of your practice. If you have a long-term goal of hiring an associate, a locum chiropractor is a great way to ease your patients into the care of additional chiropractors in your practice. 

Chiropractic office coverage with Chiro Match Makers is simple, easy, and helps generate revenue when you need to be away from your practice.

How Does Chiropractic Office Coverage Work?

1. Schedule Your Brainstorming Session

Set up a convenient time to have our locum temporary placement specialists explain how our system works, why it’s so effective to find you a coverage doc, and answer all of your questions.

2. We Find You
A Locum DC

Our team goes to work finding a doctor that matches the adjusting techniques you use in your office so that the coverage you receive is as seamless as possible for your patients

3. Enjoy Your
Time Away

Rest assured that your business is in great hands while you are away and that what you have built will be ready for you when you return back to the office!

Types of Coverage

Maternity Coverage

Injury Coverage

Vacation Relief

What We Do

Receive Office Coverage

Enjoy your time out of the office knowing it is still producing
revenue and helping patients.

Provide Office Coverage

If you are looking for permanent placement or to provide temporary coverage we have you covered.

What Our Clients Say

“Your company has been such a blessing and has renewed my faith, confidence, and belief in our profession and am proud that Chiropractors can really look out for each other! On behalf of myself, my staff, and my family, thank you so much!!!”

– Dr. Michael Weaver

“Thank you for finding me coverage. This was the easiest I have ever dealt with anyone for coverage. Second, your doctor was awesome. He was very informative to all of our patients. They said he was great at adjusting all 5 regions. He was respectful and I have absolutely no complaints.”

– Adam Cheise

What Makes Us Different?

Chiro Match Makers was created by chiropractors to help solve the issues we had in our practices. Chiropractic office coverage can help you stay profitable while you’re away, reduce your stress, and keep your practice momentum moving forward.

We have created the ultimate win-win-win by matching the right chiropractic coverage doctor with the right practice using our proven process. Your practice wins by generating revenue while you’re away, the chiropractic coverage doctors win by delivering excellent care, and your patients win by not interrupting their care plans. 

Most chiropractors have never hired a locum doctor (and many have had bad experiences) because they don’t have a process to source, vet, and contract with the right chiropractic coverage doctors. 

Our team specializes in chiropractic temporary staffing. After learning about your practice, we take care of everything else, so you don’t have to. Next time you’re out of your practice, don’t close your doors. Chiro Match Makers can provide a remarkable chiropractic coverage doctor for your practice.

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