Nothing in business is as satisfying as a beautifully assembled team. Teams are a reflection of your company’s culture and leadership. However, we need to recognize that great teams result from its members each having a high degree of self-awareness.  The better you know yourself, the more you are able to utilize your uniqueness to create more value in your job.

The dynamics between team members, leaders, and customers is a complicated dance. When you get it right, everyone wins.  When you get it wrong, growth stagnates, in-fighting becomes commonplace, and frustration leads to team turnover.

So let’s break this down. I want to analyze a key trait that thriving chiropractic teams share in common.


We tend to think we have the ability to wear multiple hats within an organization. The truth is, we each have our own specific talents. Each of us have our own individual strengths and preferences for where we spend our time, energy, and talents within an organization.

In a small business like a chiropractic office, this nuance of specialization is often either overlooked, or minimized to save on costs and reduce overhead.  However, this simple concept has broad implications for your success in practice.

We are each made differently. Just acknowledging this difference between each of us changes how you approach breaking up job roles within an office. A chiropractic office benefits from a blend of personality types. The level of specialization depends on the size and profitability of your team.

We need people with a knack for details to help keep the office on point. Tasks like note taking, schedules, care plans, collections, and data all must be properly organized for an office to smoothly grow. We then also need people who can excel in the role of promoting. This person is more extroverted to connect and build trust with the people in your practice and within your community.

Those same detail oriented folks who keep the office on task, are obviously not the same people that will excel promoting your office out in the community. Those with more extroverted traits tend to enjoy meeting and networking with other people and promoting your office. Those of us with more detail-oriented traits enjoy the organization of the business.

This same degree of specialization holds true for associate doctors as well. Because more often than not the Owner of a chiropractic clinic is a Chiropractor, the Owner oftentimes takes on the role of promoter for an office. However, growth to the point of hiring an associate doctor provides a unique opportunity to begin building in specialties within the different roles your doctors step into based around their unique skill sets and strengths.

These specialties range from the clinical aspect of practice and the management of care plans for an office, care for different age groups, and sub specialties ranging from acute care to pediatrics to sports injuries. Specialization also ranges from community education, practice promotion, leadership, and oversight of business systems and procedures.

The bottom line is we each have our own unique set of strengths and behaviors. When we operate from an area in which we are naturally good, we can become great. Building your team by finding the best people who have innate talents for each job description is a tremendous way to assemble a team capable of changing a community.

Thanks for Reading!

Allen Miner, DC
Co-Founder Chiro MatchMakers