How to Find the Best Chiropractic Assistant for Your Practice

Starting up and running a chiropractic office comes with its challenges. At the end of the day, all responsibilities fall on you. It can feel impossible to work on the business when you feel stuck working in the business. Administrative tasks required to keep the business running add up quickly. Not to mention, to grow your business, you must find time to market and advertise your chiropractic services. Sounds like a ton of work, right?

Thankfully, there is a way out! By hiring the best chiropractic assistant for your chiropractic office, you can delegate tasks that would otherwise bottleneck your business. Relieve yourself of +80 hour workweeks by finding the best office admin for your chiropractic office. Here is a roadmap on how to fill that role within your business so that you can take your office to the next level as a Doctor and entrepreneur.

Define the Tasks and Roles for Your Chiropractic Assistant

First, you must define precisely what and who you are looking for. What is most needed within your business? That answer will be different for most chiropractic practices.

There are several reasons why defining the tasks and roles for the position you want to fill is essential. Once you clearly define objective responsibilities, you will be able to identify better who it is that can fill that role. Sometimes, you may realize that you need to hire multiple people. Other times, you may realize that you can outsource certain tasks and are not ready for a full-time hire yet.

Different Types of Chiropractic Assistant Roles

Now that you’ve defined the exact role(s) that your business needs, you can begin to search for those people. Here are several examples of general roles that chiropractic assistants can do:

  • Front Desk
  • Marketing
  • Social Media, Branding, and Online Presence
  • Systematize and Automate the Business

Again, each chiropractic practice is different. The front desk is typically the first hire that chiropractors make. Chiropractors will sometimes hire a front desk person and do a little bit of everything to help. If you decide to take this approach, do your best to have your new hire perform defined, measurable, and specific tasks. The more you can objectively measure results, the better you can pivot, adjust, and improve accordingly.

If you are considered a ‘techy person, you may already have your front desk tasks and systems optimized and automated as much as possible. In that case, you can consider looking for a chiropractic assistant to handle tasks related to growing your business. Most forms of outbound marketing require time to at least set up campaigns, organize data, field inquiries, and more. You can hire an office admin for your chiropractic office with prior marketing experience. This can help you focus more on what you do best – providing chiropractic care to your community.

Where Can You Find the Best Chiropractic Assistant?

In the past decade, everything has moved online. This includes the bulk of recruiting and hiring employees for your business. When starting your search for the perfect office administrator for your chiropractic business, begin looking online. Start with credible online hiring resources and platforms that can speed up the time it takes to find that perfect hire.

Chiro Match Makers is a chiropractic staffing agency that helps chiropractors hire the right associates for their business. We make it easy for chiropractors to find a qualified associate that is also a great cultural fit for your company. Turnover is one of the greatest expenses and hurdles that most startups are forced to deal with. By tapping into Chiro Match Maker’s robust network of potential candidates, you can reduce the chance of turnover and grow your chiropractic business efficiently.

The process of finding the right office administrator becomes a breeze when working with us. 

Identifying the Best Cultural Fit

Company culture is extremely important, especially when it comes to startup businesses. Naturally, people will interact quite often with a small number of employees. It’s crucial to not online like the people you work with, but make sure that it’s an excellent cultural fit.

Chiro Match Maker considers company culture during the Discovery Process when helping chiropractors hire people for their business. We consider a variety of factors that make your company what it is!

If you have a gut feeling that a potential candidate is not a good fit, you should consider taking that into account when hiring. A company culture that turns sour or doesn’t ‘feel good’ can slowly cripple a business from the inside out. When employees are not engaged with their tasks, that becomes toxic. This negative energy can be contagious and transfer to practice members through the interactions that they are having with unhappy employees.

Ensuring that your new hire is an excellent cultural fit is key for decreasing turnover and increasing company growth.

How to Inspire Your New Chiropractic Assistant

“You cannot truly motivate someone to do something. You can only inspire them. Then they take that inspiration and motivate themselves.” – Anonymous.

Inspiring employees to become and stay motivated within your business is challenging. They may have different goals than you do. When goals are not aligned, effort and output usually go in different directions. If your goal is to grow your business, you need to do everything in your power to get your employees on board with that same vision. How can a chiropractor truly inspire their employees?

Consider setting goals, incentives, and paths of growth for all employees. If you hire a front desk person with no path of growth within the company, they may get bored of their position because they do not want to be a front desk person forever. You don’t have to hire them as the next chiropractor in your business, but you should lay out some form of incentives for them. This can be a monetary bonus incentive or a promotional path that they can take depending on specific measured results that you set. 

Marketing is an easy example to set up as a growth path for an employee within a chiropractic business. For example, if an office admin helps grow the business by X% through a particular marketing channel, they will receive a bonus of $X amount. This is a clear and measurable way to inspire your employees to want to work. If goals within the company are aligned across all employees, it is easier to grow and prosper as a business.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Chiropractic Assistant

Running a chiropractic office is no easy task. You could be doing countless functions at each moment of the day. Do your best to look at your business from a 3000-foot perspective. Define what needs to get done to help you reach your business goals. From there, utilize platforms like Chiro Match Makers to fill your best chiropractic assistant role to help you reach those goals. Hiring is a massive challenge for chiropractors but can yield the biggest RIO when done right.

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