Why You Should Use a Chiropractic Coverage Doctor for Vacation Relief

Taking family vacations is a great idea – and believe it or not, you can even put more money in your wallet while you’re away.

How? By using a chiropractic coverage doctor for vacation relief.

What is a locum tenens chiropractor?

Locum tenens is another name for a professional, short-term, fill-in chiropractor who “gets it.”  

“It,” in this case, is you and the fact that you can’t work forever without a break. And that your family expects you to take one even though your business depends on you in the office. 

“It” is also your practice and your patients. “It” is you want to come home from vacation to find your patients happy (still in your office), like you were in two places at once. “It” is you being on vacation while the work gets done in the office.  

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who “gets it?” Someone who helps when you take your family on vacation and does good work for your patients, so they stay under care, pay their bills, and happily refer their friends and family?

You, however, can’t be in two places at the same time. What you can do is take your family on vacation, and have your office smoothly deliver valuable services. This means you return refreshed and satisfied with your family travel and the work done in your office.

Why should you use a chiropractic coverage doctor for vacation relief?

A locum tenens DC likes their role as a pinch hitter and excels in it. Someone who doesn’t want to replace you. They excel in the flexibility of filling in when you aren’t there. It’s an option nearly every DC has to expand their flexibility significantly. But few DCs are savvy enough to use this smart idea strategically. While many details are important to consider, it starts with this – knowing you are too necessary not to replace.  

As a business owner, vacations can be like National Lampoon’s movies. A hectic few days are spent precious out-of-office time (and travel funds) to watch the kids implode, and disasters happen. Meanwhile, in the back of your mind, all you can hear is the sound of overhead costs accumulating in your dark-as-night clinic.

Vacations can also be the dream of a lifetime. You are finally crossing that bucket-list experience off your list. The perfect recharge can tell you that what you are working so hard for is worthwhile.  

Getting the reward and the experience you want outside the office makes you better for your patients and you inside your office. 

The gamble of stagnation is a real thing. Letting the grime of a growing burn-out accumulate slowly doesn’t do justice to the dreams inside you. Frankly, owning your own business, it may be time to stop making vacations such a gamble. Or even worse, never taking them.  

Exploring the idea of having a skilled, friendly, and competent fill-in locum tenens doctor is the bridge between these highs and lows. And it’s much easier than you think to begin exploring the solution to this one simple problem – there is only one of you, and you weren’t designed to work your entire career without a break.

Many DCs would consider a locum tenens doctor a wild fantasy or a visit from an alien planet. However, others know and experience how great the freedom of a locum tenens doctor can be. The critical first step in doubling your flexibility is recognizing these relationships DO work, and work very well for both parties. For you, and the locum tenens doc, and your patients – as long as you know how to set them up and execute them properly.

Chiro Match Makers has experience taking this vision and turning it into reality. And they know the first step is getting the vision. The vision is that you deserve to have your office buzzing efficiently while you have great travel experiences. You know, the one in your mind already (that you are beyond ready to pull the trigger on). The obstacles to achieving this vision are less than you think – with the right help.

How to Find a Chiropractic Coverage Doctor For Vacation Relief

The first step is seeing that the “impossible” is possible. The Chiro Match Makers dedicated locum tenens placement staff loves accompanying you on the steps from the murky fantasy world to the bright possibility. They see the reality of practice owners who make this a straightforward addition to achieve a flexible and efficient reality.  

Take your dream vacation (without being forced to schedule another “mini-trip”). And do it without leaving your patients in the lurch and your office in the dark, accumulating bills. Profitable and productive vacations that you and your patients enjoy could be your future.

A great locum tenens relationship minimizes the costs of the BIG vacation and can turn it into something that makes money for you. More importantly, it takes on the “gamble” factor of the family vacation. Done right, it decreases the risk that you will blow up at the family for not having enough fun while you are spending money (on the office) to spend money on them (to not have fun). As experienced parents know, the odds skyrocket if you have a good time. Everyone else is having a good time, too, just like your office.

And that doesn’t happen while you are busy worrying about your overhead while you are on vacation. Even worse than the financial loss is the loss of practice momentum. And having to ramp back up your momentum when you return. Think about it – how many weeks did it take to ramp back up to full steam the last time you took a “real” vacation?

Having a Locum tenens doctor for your practice – i.e., a professional short-term chiropractor who plugs the gap when you are out of the office – solves both the problem of “heaven and hell.”  

At Chiro Match Makers, not only are they in the full-time business of hiring associates and front desk chiropractic assistant Staff but placing great locum tenens fill-in docs is old-home territory. Chiro Match Makers knows how to effectively match you with the right pool of Locum tenens doctors who would love to talk to you about becoming your reliable fill-in. Call/click/submit your email here for more information to begin exploring the right locum tenens relationship with Chiro Match Makers.

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