Why Chiropractors Choose Chiro Match Makers to Find Associate Doctors

Written by: Jesse Davis, DC 

It’s simple. Running a busy clinic is hard. Hiring team members while running a busy clinic – and hiring the right new chiropractic associate – is harder. 

Optimizing each step of the hiring process – from the detailed job description to gathering talented pools of candidates, the interviews, and candidate selection is nearly impossible for a practicing chiropractor to get right. That’s why Chiro Match Makers has optimized every step of the process to focus on key pieces and make the most informed and best decision for your office. We will help you find associate doctors for your practice.

Hiring associate doctors for your team can be a tremendous win for so many people. A more productive, profitable clinic under your direction helps you, your patients, your town, and the doctor(s) you choose to bring in. Admittedly it feels like a gamble – or at least a lot of work – to get to that future. And those unsettling feelings are understandable.

The potential pitfalls are many. The investment of your time in getting the right person in-house. The cost of paying them (or even investing in them until they are profitable). Integrating them with your current staff members smoothly. Not least how the patients respond to the new doctor, and even more so, how the doctor responds to their new position.

How can Chiro Match Makers Help Me Find Associate Doctors

Chiro Match Makers has made this harrowing but profitable journey many times and understands the highs and lows. The CMM process has three phases, comprising eight steps to bringing in the best doctor for you. Some of these are handled by professional hiring experts – and some are best left for you to use your gut feel using the proper guidance. They’ve optimized every step of the process to help you have an awesome experience for both you and your office’s new doctor.  

Clinic owners who don’t already have black-belt-level hiring strategies often only focus on a few parts of this process. In other words, they spend almost all of their time and focus on the hiring process on pieces of the journey and miss many of the key steps necessary to get the best outcomes – not just during the hiring process, but the important results afterward.

On most people’s minds is finding the right person. While this is critical, this is not nearly enough. Many doctors put ads in online publications, email friends and contact lists, and plan to go to events where students and younger doctors congregate.  

This is the most common approach, but it’s also a bit of a fantasy. It’s like hoping you will bump into your predestined soul-mate and automatically be ensured “happily ever after.” While we all know that’s the farthest thing from reality. Real relationships of all types take a much deeper understanding than simply finding an appealing candidate late evening at the bar. 

And then that special something can take over where everyone involved knows they are in the right place. It’s not all gut feel, and it’s not all cold analytical process, either. It’s both, and which one at the right time. Chiro Match Makers will help you know when and where to focus and let your personality – and effort – shine.

The other problem with the most common strategies is that the higher-level candidates don’t need to find jobs this fishing-pole way. They’ve been involved their entire career from when they were a student and often already worked their way into having options. Their network has put them into a great position before looking around at classified ads. It’s not that there aren’t very good candidates available, but the strategy of “throwing out some lines” means the best ones have already been filtered out of the pool you could be fishing in.

It’s clear to young doctors how appealing the position is by the hiring process. Meaning they are forming impressions from when it very first begins. As the hiring clinic owner, you deserve to put yourself in the same shoes. In other words, to know how to present yourself powerfully from first contact. Chiro Match Makers prepares their clients to meet a great pool of potential doctors. And makes sure you are positioned properly from first contact to get the best candidates for the work you do.

Sometimes strength in one area (we all have our strengths and weaknesses) can overwhelm the big picture, making a candidate seem like “the absolute perfect fit.” while your gut feeling may tell you whether you like the candidate. You feel an accurate charge about the potential; the right framework will help you make the most of this feeling. There are three key traits that candidates should be assessed for to ensure this feeling is not leading you in the wrong direction.  

They may be the perfect fit, but knowing how to assess their bigger picture (and vet their detailed past) will help you not get blinded by potential or miss red flags. Will they work well not just with you but with your staff? Will they know-how – and learn to – handle challenging conversations with patients? Or will their passion or work ethic that seemed so appealing at first sight lead them to charge over everything like a freight train? Or will their charming, easy-going nature turn into the slacker of your worst nightmare?

Chiro Match Makers Can Help You Find the Right Chiropractic Associate

Chiro Match Makers will help guide you through this process to pull out the traits you are looking for while feeling natural doing it. And not only feel at ease getting the information you want but do it without being overt or obvious. The Chiro Match Makers process can help that “relaxed, friendly connection” grow with potential candidates while still creating the path that gets the real-world results you need.

You’ve trained for years and gotten good at running a practice, caring for patients, and making the dollars and cents match. You can be good – great even – at hiring and growing your team to do even more of what you love. But just like you had mentorship and experts who helped you grow to where you are today, you can also streamline this process. We need to stem the tide inside chiropractic of short-sighted work relationships that don’t work well for either party. Patients and potential patients throughout communities across the country – and countries across the world – need excellent chiropractic care. Matching great successful chiropractors with the associate doctors of their dreams is a skill that Chiro Match Makers has great success with, having placed doctors in hundreds offices worldwide.

Let Chiro Match Makers guide you in becoming a hiring ninja and start turning those potentials into reality. Call us today for more information and to begin the process of hiring your dream associate doctor with Chiro Match Makers.

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