What's NEXT?

Do You Know What’s NEXT For You After Graduation?

  • Where do you want to practice? (And how do you decide?)
  • How do you want to practice? (And how would you know?)
  • Do you want to own your own practice? (Heck, Yeah! Or Hell, No!)
  • Do you want to go it alone or join a Team? (And how do you find them?)
  • Should you start from scratch or buy a practice? (And how do you do that?)
  • What are my options? (I thought there were only 2?)
  • How do I know which is best for me? (…like, for me…)
  • What questions should I be asking? (And who has the answers?)

Don’t Panic. We Got You.

Join Us for a FREE event Oct 29th at Life University that will help you answer one of the most important (and nerve wracking) questions that you’ll after ask:

What’s NEXT for me?

Date: October 29, 2021
Location: Life University room – CCE 152
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

About the Event

If you have just graduated, or you are about to graduate – or even if you are being pro-active in exploring your options in this great field – this free seminar is for you.

This event is for the DC who wants to feel confident about what is the best NEXT step for them.

Join Dr. Allen Miner and Dr. Stephen Franson on Oct 29th at Life University for a FREE seminar: “What’s NEXT?” will inform and inspire you to move confidently into the next step in your career.

Join Us for a FREE Seminar Oct 29th at Life University

Becoming a chiropractor was one of the biggest decisions of your life –

Not to mention the $200,000 (or more) that you have already invested…

The NEXT decisions that you make may be even bigger…with even more money on the line.

The NEXT Program will help you make the right choices.

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Chiropractors Limiting Belief

There is a seriously flawed belief around what options you have today regarding career paths as a chiropractor… This limiting belief has been around for decades – and it has stifled the spirits – and careers of countless DC’s in the past. This mislead way of thinking can cloud your view of the options available to you – or worse, force bad decision-making and derail your future success. This free seminar will help you avoid those painful mistakes.

Chiropractors Limiting Belief: “There are only 2 paths available to you as a chiropractor:”

  • Be the OWNER of a practice and be SUCCESSFUL
  • …and then there’s everyone else (working as a DC in someone else’s practice)

This could not be further from the truth!

There are many ways for you to be successful as a DC!

IN fact, we have identified
10 Tracks to Success for Chiropractors…

(And most of them do not require you to be a business owner.)

Each one of these unique “Tracks” represents a different career path for a DC to make a great living – while doing it in a way that brings them joy and fulfillment.

  • Which of these unique Tracks represents the BEST path for you?
  • Do you know what is most important to you as a practitioner?
  • What do you want out of your career?
  • What does success look like to you?
  • How do you want to spend your day in and day out in practice?

And most importantly…

  • How are you “hard-wired” as a human being to succeed?

The “What’s NEXT?” seminar will help you answer these questions and more.  After this event, you will  understand yourself and your wants more clearly – and you will gain clarity around which of the many new options available to you today in the chiropractic industry may be BEST for you!

The “What’s NEXT?” seminar will help you discover:

10 different “Tracks” or models of practice

The Ins and Outs of different practice models

The Pros and Cons of these different tracks

Which Tracks are the riskiest and most capital intensive

Which Tracks may be the most promising financial options

What type of person thrives in which environment

There is no “one best way for everyone”
…but there is a best ways for YOU.

Join some of the best business minds – and most successful chiropractors  – in the profession,

Dr. Allen Miner and Dr. Stephen Franson, for this incredible, FREE event that promises to enlighten you and entertain you.

You will hear from experienced and successful area experts that will “give it to you straight”…

And then field your questions in their world famous ANYTHING GOES Q AND A SESSION.

Bring your friends and classmates to this incredible event that promises to be an inflection point for your career – and your life!

Success is reserved for the ACTION TAKER.

Register here and we will see you at What’s Next? on October 29th at Life University.