What Chiropractor Positions Are Available?

What Chiropractor Positions Are Available?

There are many different chiropractor positions available. Get some information on how to find employment in the offices of chiropractors.

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Chiropractors treat over 35 million Americans each year. You are eager to join and help make people’s lives better. But you may not be sure which role is best for you in a chiropractic office.

If you’re curious about how to find chiropractor positions perfect for your skillset, read on. 

Different Chiropractor Positions 

As you sift through the many chiropractor job openings, it can get overwhelming. There’s a lot of flexibility in the field, and you can work in offices, schools, hospitals, and even sports teams. It can be hard to decide which of the many chiropractor positions out there are best for you. 

Let’s take a look at the different roles you’ll find in the offices of chiropractors before we cover the best ways to find employment. 

Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic Assistants are part of a fast-growing field, with a projected 19% growth rate in the next ten years. A chiropractic assistant is the glue holding the office together. Their role has multiple responsibilities.

The assistant acts as the receptionist. They are the first friendly face the patient will see when they arrive. The assistant will also manage scheduling. This often requires knowledge of scheduling systems and the computer programs your office uses. 

Another role many assistants train to do is running x-rays for patients. Assistants take x-rays under the direction of the Chiropractor. 

Chiropractor Positions

After you’ve studied, trained, and are ready to begin your chiropractic employment, you have a few options. Some roles give you a chance to learn from more experienced practitioners. Oher roles offer you more flexibility or independence.

Associate Chiropractor

As an Associate Chiropractor, you work within the offices of chiropractors. This role offers you the chance to learn from the chiropractor. Not only do you learn how they work with patients, but you learn how they run their business.

In some cases, you may have to find your own patients, and other chiropractors will assign you some of their patients. 

Independent Contractor

When you choose the independent route, you are contracting within an existing chiropractic office. You are running your own business. This gives you the freedom to pick your own hours.

Working as an independent contractor means you can choose to contract at multiple offices at once. It also means increased responsibility, including being responsible for your own liability insurance. 

Locum Tenens Chiropractor

Locum tenens is Latin for “in the place of”. As a locum tenens chiropractor, you stand in the place of the chiropractor at their office. They may need to take maternity leave.

Another reason a chiropractor will hire a locum tenens chiropractor is that they are on medical leave. Lastly, it may be because they wish to take an extended vacation. 

Finding Chiropractic Employment

As you start looking through chiropractor job openings, it’s a good idea to prepare your application materials. Gather together your up-to-date certifications and diplomas. Also, dust off your resume, and make sure to mention any training you’ve done. 

Make sure your social media is set to private or is appropriate. Up to 54% of employers say they’ve rejected a candidate due to their social media content. Once you’re feeling ready to apply, you may ask yourself “how do I find a chiropractic job near me?” 

Find Chiropractor Jobs Near You

One way to find chiropractic employment is by visiting job boards. Although there are lots of job listings, there are a few issues with using chiropractic job finders. 

It can be helpful that you can find listings and reach out to potential employers on job boards. Unfortunately, you may not hear back. That’s because job boards are often over-saturated.

This means for each opening, there may be thousands of applications. Additionally, when you use a job board, you may have a hard time checking when the job was filled, or if the chiropractic positions are still open.  

Benefits of a Chiropractic Employment Agency

When you work with a chiropractic employment agency, you will benefit in a few ways. You don’t have to compete with thousands of applicants on job boards. Instead of anonymous emails, and application software, you receive attention and care from real people. 

No Rushing 

At times, when you are worried about finding a job, it’s easy to rush. You may hop on a chiropractic job finder and blindly fill out applications. When you work with an agency, they take on the hard work of finding openings near you.

The agency will assess the office of the chiropractor and will find out what the employer is hoping to find in their ideal employee. There’s no need to rush when these conversations as they will be initiated by the chiropractic employment agency. 

Finding the Best Fit

What’s often not obvious on a job board listing is what it’s really like to work somewhere. An agency will conduct brainstorm sessions and truly get to know the office.

When you work with the agency, you can let them know if you’re interested in office assistant roles. Likewise, with locum tenens and associate chiropractor roles, you’ll be sure the agency pairs you with the right place. Instead of going in blind, you’ll thrive amongst like-minded coworkers. 

Unlike a job board, where the employer may be eager to fill the role without due diligence, an agency will make sure you’re compatible. With an agency, you’ll be appreciated for your unique skills and your practice approach. You will be paired with an employer where you can be sure you’re valued.  

The Right Job For You 

There is a wide range of chiropractic positions from which to choose. When you choose from the best chiropractic jobs, you’ll thrive. Your unique ability and desire to make your patients’ lives better deserves the right office.

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