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Define Your Goals

Define the tasks and goals you would like your Virtual CA to do for your practice. Our Virtual CA’s have experience in everything from social media management to appointment setting, and billing to note taking. The sky is the limit!

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Get Matched with the ideal Virtual CA

Our team will source you a Virtual CA from our incredible roster of talent based on the specific tasks you would like accomplished for your practice.

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Amplifying Your Growth

Your new Virtual CA gets to work for your practice at a fraction of the cost associated with a in-office team member. Let’s go!

Your Virtual CA will work for your practice during your daily office hours or any hours you choose.

Are you tired of juggling multiple tasks in your chiropractic practice?

Let our team of highly vetted Virtual CA’s with extensive backgrounds in healthcare take some of the burden off your shoulders. With out comprehensive foundational training program. our Virtual CA’s are equipped to handle nearly any task you need to maintain and grow your practice.

From scheduling appointments to managing patient records, you can trust us to provide efficient and effective support while you focus on delivering exceptional care to your patents.

Do you think every task in your chiropractic practice requires hands-on attention? Think again!

With the rise of virtual assistance, nearly every administrative job can be handled remotely, including those that support your on-site staff.
Of course, some tasks, such as physically assessing a patient’s health or brining them into an examination room for their appointment, will still require in-person interaction with your skilled team members. But let’s not underestimate the power of a Virtual CA for administrative duties. Imagine the time and money saved in having an expert Virtual CA handle the day-to-day nitty-gritty details – from data entry to appointment scheduling -while your on-site team members focus on patient care.

With a Virtual CA supporting your practice, you can give your patients the top-notch cate they deserve while efficiently running your business in the background. Undoubtedly technology has come a long way, and with the right Virtual CA, your chiropractic practice can reach new heights in productivity and patient satisfaction. So don’t be afraid to break free from outdated ways of operating and embrace the many advantages of a virtual assistant!

Your Virtual CA Will:

1. Say goodbye to missed calls and scheduling woes. Your Virtual CA can answer calls and book appointments remotely, keeping your practice smoothly and easily.

2. Need help managing administrative tasks? Your Virtual CA can handle just about any office task that doesn’t require face-to-face iteration with patient. That means they can easily take cate of document uploads, insurance verifications, prior authorizations, and billing tasks.

3. Worried about security? No need to be. Your Virtual CA will have full remote access to your computer system and Electronic Health Records, but only with the tighest of security protocols in place. That means all of your patient’s confidential information stays just that confidential.

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