The creation of DNA sequencing was a big breakthrough in the scientific world. The blueprint of an organisms DNA allows us great insight into how that organism will function, heal, repair, and what potential issues might arise in the future. As it turns out, building your ideal team in remarkably similar to sequencing DNA.

A second biological analogy that fits in with team building is blood typing. Blood transfusions only work when we match two people with two compatible blood types. For years scientists did not understand this and were perplexed as to why some blood transfusions were successful, while others were not. Once the vital importance of blood typing was discovered, the hidden mismatch now became very obvious.

Both of these analogies are true for the team, the people, and the culture that you build within a business.  For decades now Chiropractors have been joining forces as Owners and associate doctors blind to the factors that determine the level of compatibility and success that two people will have together in a healing service focused business environment such as a chiropractic office.

The fact is behavioral technology now makes this information available to consider when building your team. Different people perform best in different job roles, within different environments and cultures, and within different pay structures. To ignore this incredibly valuable insight is similar to performing a blood transfusion without ever checking the patient’s blood type.

Your success as an associate, and as an Owner, depend on an in depth understanding of what behavioral traits match up to an organization’s short and long term goals. When combined with a crystal clear specific job role description, along with an appropriate compensation structure that supports the job and the ideal candidate, the magic of an amazing team begins to emerge!

DNA has existed since the creation of life, but only in recent years have we begun to learn how we can use that information to improve the quality of life for an organism. The same analogy holds true when building a team. When we bring the right people together, at the right time, in the right roles, great things happen and everyone wins.

Thanks for Reading!

Allen Miner, DC
Co-Founder Chiro MatchMakers