Modern Chiropractic Associate Contracts

Streamline your hiring process with a professionally designed and created Chiropractic Associate Contract by Chiro Match Makers.

Chiropractic Associate Job DescriptionContract issues are the #1 reason chiropractic associate relationships fall apart.

Our personalized contract and compensation plan will help you avoid the most common pitfalls and set a foundation that is the ultimate win-win for your practice and your associate doctor.

The Associate Contract by Chiro Match Makes saves you time and money by simplifying your hiring process.

Stop relying on shared, hand-me-down contracts that were created in 1987.

The market has evolved. Have your contracts?

The Chiro Match Makers Chiropractic Associate Contract provides you with everything you need to confidently present a modern and professional contract to your new chiropractic associate.

Chiropractic Associate Contract

What’s included in the Chiropractic Associate Contract Package:

  • A complete and vetted modern chiropractic associate contract
  • A compensation plan based specifically on your unique model of practice
  • Hiring compliance check to provide an added layer of security.
  • Built-in personalization for your practice
  • BONUS: a one-on-one call with our contract expert to answer questions and fine-tune your new chiropractic associate contract

Most chiropractors rely on old contracts that lead to issues and disputes down the road. 

Designed by chiropractors with decades of experience and vetted by healthcare attorneys, the Chiropractic Associate Contract package can save you time and money by not starting from scratch.

The Chiropractic Associate Contract by Chiro Match Makers was developed to address common issues in contracts, such as:

  • 7 unique models of compensation
  • The best practices of non-solicitations and non-competes
  • How much you should pay your associate doctor
  • A proper ramp-up period to full salary
  • And more…

An excellent chiropractic associate contract will help ensure that both your practice and the associate have clear expectations and agreements.

Our Chiropractic Associate Contract includes a complete and personalized contract and compensation plan. 

Don’t leave your associate contract to chance. It’s financially costly, sets your practice back, and isn’t necessary. We have all experienced the problems that happen when contract disputes happen. 

The Chiropractic Associate Contract by Chiro Match Makers will provide you with a solid foundation for a successful relationship. 

Our team has assisted over 500 chiropractors worldwide find their next ideal associate doctors. We understand how much time and energy it takes to grow your team.

We also have discovered that having the right contract can dramatically decrease the time between your offer and acceptance- helping your practice grow faster. 

Don’t let an old contract get in the way of you completing the hiring process. The Chiropractic Associate Contract will reduce the negotiation period by outlining the specifics of your open position with clear language that gets associates to sign faster. 

As a BONUS, your Chiropractic Associate Contract includes a 1-on-1 phone call with our Contract Expert! 

This invaluable call provides you with the opportunity to ask questions as we complete the personalization of your new Associate Contract. 

If you are hiring a new DC in the next 12 months, purchase our Chiropractic Associate Contract today!

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