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More Harmony • Less Drama

None of us are made the same way. We each have a different way of making sense of the world that we live in. Therefore, understanding each person on your team is vital for growing your practice. We each communicate in different ways. We are motivated and demotivated differently as well.  Most people are hired for their technical ability and skill set. However, most people are actually fired for behavioral reasons. We help you understand who is on your team, and what roles they should be in. We also help you better understand any holes on your team that can help you determine who you should be hiring next. We never set out to become chiropractic recruiters. However, it became obvious that helping owners hire an associate chiropractor, and providing platinum VIP level chiropractic staffing services, was something our profession desperately needed. Before your next hire, understanding the people currently on your team will help bring insight and understanding.

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