About Our Agency

We built an agency devoted to managing the careers of great chiropractic leaders.

Over the last decade, we have found the only way to ensure the success of both owners and associates has been to create a highly precise and effective match backed by evaluation, experience, and evidence. Our expansive network of talent cuts across the entire chiropractic ecosystem. This is all driven by a thirst to innovate, build and scale.

We have found most chiropractors and owners all want the same things from a career – to do worthwhile work that they are passionate about, make a difference in the world, and get paid handsomely. But this perfect scenario never just falls into your lap, so the question becomes how can you flip the odds to be in your favor?

With 66% of all associate arrangements failing, the root of the problem stems from the fact that most of these arrangements start out with guesswork, gut-feelings, or a quick need to fill a void. This is a recipe for disaster. We get it. We’ve been there before, and countless others will no doubt be there in the future. When you don’t have a good fit, nobody involved in the relationship wins.

Our chiropractic matchmaking method helps stop the madness and frustration found on both sides of the hiring and job search process. This insures that your next hires are all the right people.

The decisions you make today will dictate the state of your profession, your community, and your generation, tomorrow.

There’s nothing in business as satisfying as a beautifully assembled team inside of a thriving practice. When you get it right, everyone wins. When you get it wrong, growth stagnates, in-fighting becomes commonplace, and frustration leads to team turnover.

When you work with Chiro Match Makers agency, we provide you with insights that help you align with the best match to suit your needs.

We’re in this profession together, so let’s work together.

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