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The Biggest Pain Point In Practice – Having to Hire Frequently

Let’s take a moment to share a few things that are going to save you from one of the biggest pain points in practice, which is having to hire frequently. Perhaps your CA just gave you a two-week notice, maybe he didn’t even show up today to work.

This article is all about helping you to avoid making decisions from a place of scarcity, fear, and urgency. Think of this like one of your patients making their healthcare decisions from the emergency room bed. As chiropractors, and chiropractic assistant recruiters, we know that is probably the worst place to make healthcare decisions from, when you are already in an emergency situation.

One additional variable is that in today’s world, unemployment rates are at an all-time low hovering around 4%. Why is this important to you? Well again, this is the worst time to make a hire if you are in a stressed-out scarcity mode. With fewer people on the job market today, it can take some time to find your next amazing team member. If your back is against the wall in full panic mode because someone left unexpectedly, you are likely to rush getting this right which will cost you far more in the long run.

As chiropractic recruiters, we get these emergency calls on a regular basis. A doctor calls us, stress in their voice, and in most cases guilty as charged, because someone on their team just left. So, their first reaction is to try and hire that great patient in the office. The one that’s been with you for five years who really seems to get what we do.  Maybe they have even told you, “hey doc, I would love to be one of your employees if you ever have an opening!”

Believe me, we have turned some amazing patients into some horrible employees over the years by doing just this. We would hire them and onboard them quickly so stop the pain. We would skip all of our regular hiring systems that should take place, and the next thing you know, three, six, or nine months go down the road. Next, typically a couple of things happen.

Number one, they figure out that they weren’t right for the position, or worse off, we have to fire that person. Second, not only do we fire them as an employee, then they leave us as a patient, their family leaves us, and all their friends do as well.

So the worst time to make a decision, when it comes to hiring, like we tell our patients, is when they’re lying on a gurney in the emergency room. There’s no worse time to make a healthcare decision when that’s happening.

This is the classic way that you end up with a team full of C players. You know, they’re always okay, but they’re not great. Chiropractic needs you to have a team full of A players and not C players.

Most of you appreciate how stressful the employment part of running a practice is. You likely also appreciate how much money those bad hires cost you when you’re having to hire and rehire over and over. Then the time wasted on retraining your staff. You’re not only losing your time, but you’re also wasting a lot of money.  Finally, it reflects really bad on your practice having that revolving door.

What is the solution? What can you do differently?  Start with a brief call into our chiropractic staffing team members to answer your questions. They will discuss with you the suite of behavioral predictive tools that we have. These measure and map out what your ideal candidate even looks like before your first connection with them and before you interview them. This saves you a ton of time and energy too.

Another benefit is that we handle all things on the front end for you by making sure that when you sit down to interview someone, that they are the right fit. We more or less call this blood typing. We will also help save you money by helping ensure that you get this right the first time.

– Allen Miner DC

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