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Practice Success Through Long Term Employees

Keeping a team member long term with your practice is the magic potion to growing an amazing practice. It is also something that most people never talk about, in large part, because so often it seems like luck. If you are fortunate or lucky enough to find that amazing person when hiring a chiropractic assistant, then you are more fortunate than you realize! This is obviously not a way to predictably scale your business.

First, please be aware that absolutely nothing reflects worse on your practice than a revolving door of CA’s. If you have enough staff leaving and changing over, your patient’s start to wonder what is wrong with you as the owner. The thought is that something must be wrong with you if you cannot keep an employee around long term.

We have also been in this boat. Like most things related to chiropractic hiring, we teach from our own scar tissue and failure. Over a three-year period, before we figured this out, we had six chiropractic assistants at our front desk. Those reoccurring comments and questions from our patients wondering why our team members kept leaving were uncomfortable and painful to answer.

The energy drain is also a huge issue for offices. You feel like you spend so much energy training. Then, once you finally feel like you’ve got your new hire up to speed with your office systems and procedures, you realize it was a bad hire, or they leave for some reason. And the merry go round continues on.

So, we decided to take a step back and look into how other industries hired and retained great people. We soon figured out that there is an entire science around getting this right. In fact, most larger companies have entire departments focused on getting this correct.

The challenge was bringing this to small Chiropractic businesses in an affordable way.  Once we figured out the right combination of conative, historical, and cognitive testing, we solved our turnover problems once and for all. Since we have had two front desk people, each with us now for five years. This pain was the starting point for our chiropractic assistant staffing company, chiro matchmakers.

This single solution of keeping great people on our team has created extreme benefits to our office, and now hundreds of other offices around the world.

These benefits have not only resulted in massive growth in our collections, but in our patient visit average increase, and our office culture. Operating a business, there is nothing better than to have a high-level accountability and responsibility that tour team members take on. And avoiding that constant turn-over is priceless.

– Allen Miner DC

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