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Job Description

We’re looking for a heart-centered, purpose-driven team member who has a successful track record in converting leads to strategy sessions to enroll clients into a program that is a “right-fit” for them. We generate a lot of interest with our marketing and we need an appointment setter who can take those leads and convert them into a sales call.  
We consider an enrollment conversation as the opportunity to have a powerful conversation to help someone bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to be, rather than a sales conversation. If you share this view, then you may just be the team member we’re looking for!
This team member will provide prowess on converting prospects into leads and having transformational conversations to book strategy calls for our sales team. This may be the perfect position for you if you are great at INSPIRING others to take immediate action to get the help they need.

More About the Job:  

Your job will be to build engagement with prospects and screen inbound leads who have responded to our marketing initiatives for a right fit for our programs. Your goal is to schedule qualified candidates for strategy sessions onto the calendar of our coaches. 

You should have a track record in one or more of the following areas: prospecting, engaging leads, qualifying opportunities and/or coaching.

You should also feel comfortable working online (using platforms like Zoom, FB, IG , LinkedIn), have strong Internet connectivity, and a quiet work environment from which to conduct calls.  

Part of being great in this role will require you to communicate and coach someone through their challenges and inspire them to take action despite their fears or roadblocks. 

Does this sound like you…then keep reading!
More about you:   

  1. You have a deep desire to impact peoples’ lives.
  2. You love the “hunt” of finding a potential lead and converting them into a strategy call to determine the next right step for them. You’re resourceful and willing to use company intel, Google, Linked In, FB Messenger, Sell by Chat and Texting to mine data related to finding contact information to set meetings. 
  3. You have proven work experience as an Appointment Setter for inbound and/or outbound leads.
  4. You’re a great listener, quick study and are willing to be spend your time engaging prospects on our social platforms & in our lead forums, on the phone, setting appointments and making calls. And the cool part is that you can work from anywhere you like! BUT you must work hard because this position is performance-based.
  5. You have exceptional follow-up skills and experience enrolling people on the phone in just one or two calls.  
  6. You’re confident, persuasive and results oriented. Clients and prospects look to us for guidance and leadership. If you’re NOT comfortable talking to people, flushing out objections, leading from the heart and working in a fast paced environment, then this role isn’t for you. 
  7. You’re a rock-star team player and a top-notch communicator, not only with prospects and clients, but also with your teammates. We have an amazing team that feels like family (truly, not being cliché-ish) and we’re ready to welcome the next “right fit” team member home. 
  8. You show up like a pro. You represent the company and our brand well. You show up ready to serve and keep your commitments and keep your word. When we do this – we create win-win-win outcomes.
  9. You love working closely with sales representatives and management to ensure the best possible sales outcome.
  10. You’re a proactive action taker. You take initiative where you see opportunity and find ways to do more than is expected.  
  11. You lead with your energy and have energy to burn. After a conversation with you, people are elevated several levels higher.  
  12. You’re ready to find a “home” with the Remarkable Practices and desire to be with the organization long-term. Our business is growing rapidly and there is a lot of room for growth within our company. If you would consider this role an interim gig, then please don’t apply.
  13. You must be willing and hungry to study our programs and offers so you fully understand what we offer and be able to confidently mirror the language to best serve our prospects / leads to enroll them into a strategy session call.
  14. If you have experience selling high ticket programs or events, that is a plus. 
  15. If you have any kind of personal growth, business coaching or online marketing experience, that is an added plus.
  16. Our best appointment setters have the opportunity to train and move up to a sales role.

We want a long term appointment setter who is heart-centered, team-oriented, service-based and LOVES inspiring people to take action in pursuit of their vision / goals.   

If you feel you’re a great fit, send us your application, we can’t wait to meet you!


  • Remote 
  • Monday to Friday 
  • PTO


  • $40k – $70k

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