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Legal Recruiter

Job Description

Worksite: Chiro Match Makers, LLC at 803 Silver Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Duties: Recruit attorneysAssist with developing programs to match attorneys to law firms and non-profits. Research relevant recruitment tools and strategies for recruiting attorneys. Maintain compliance with labor regulations and recruiting industry best practices. Find candidates utilizing social media, artificial intelligence, and other search platforms. Establish and maintain relationships and weekly communication with clients, where attorney recruits will be placed. Assist with drafting, reviewing, researching, negotiating, and structuring employment contracts and agreements. Monitor contract fulfillment. Review applications and interview candidates. Create reports to document recruitment efforts. Provide excellent customer service to clients and talent. Support a respectful and civilized culture between clients and talent in which mutual understanding can be reached and differences resolved through dialogue. Provide guidance on issues and concerns related to job descriptions for both client and talent.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies, Law, Human Resources or a closely related field. 2 years of work experience in the legal, human resources, or closely related field.

Please send resumes to Adriana Loya, Director of Placement at

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