Front Desk Receptionist – 795119

Job Description

Responsible for greeting practice members, answering phones and making appointments, accepting payments, ensuring compliance of front desk policies, instructing spinal hygiene exercises, documenting patient encounters, educating patients on a healthier lifestyle and other administrative tasks.

All training will be provided, you do not need to have Chiropractic Assistant experience. You must have a desire to learn and be coachable!


Who you are:

      Do you have the gift of staying flexible even in chaos and you easily stay productive even when the demands of work are pulling you in many different directions at once?

      Do you like to explain, to describe, to host, to speak in public, and to write?

      Do you naturally recognize and cultivate the potential in others?

      Do you have a great desire to learn and continuously improve?

      Do you derive a great deal of pleasure and strength from developing professional relationships with clients?

What you will do

Our Practice is offering an opportunity to showcase your customer service and organizational skills as a Chiropractic Assistant. We are looking for a positive person with great people and communication skills and a passion for helping others through natural and holistic healthcare. Excellent relationship-building skills are a must to ensure service is provided with a high degree of quality. You will be responsible for creating a warm and hospitable environment in the treatment area, instructing clients on proper form of exercises, ensuring client compliance with exercises, and documenting patient encounters.

What you need

      Two-year degree or more preferred but not required

      Previous experience in customer service must be demonstrated

      Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Windows is preferred


Things you should know

      Pay ranges $18-20/hour and after 90 days you will be considered for additional perks and raises.

      Chiropractic care at our expense


      Office Hours are Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 6 pm with a break in between. You must have full availability, we can not work around your schedule. 

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