Front Desk Receptionist – 1038837

Job Title: Front Desk Receptionist

Location: Hendersonville, TN

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18 – $20


  • PTO
  • Chiropractic Care

Work Schedule:

  • Monday 8:45 am to 6:30 pm with a lunch break
  • Tuesday 9 am to 6:30 pm with a lunch break
  • Wednesday 9 to 4:30 with a lunch break
  • Thursday 8 am to 5:30 pm with a lunch break
  • Friday 9 am to 2 pm

Job Description:

Check-Out CA is the “Boss of Tomorrow”. The primary focus is patient accounts, mapping,

collections, and building patient relationships. Check-Out CA is primarily responsible for

incoming calls, financial agreements, basic insurance questions, and strong closures at NP, R1,

R2, R4, R5 and R6s. Check-Out CA is instrumental in working with the Check-In CA and

supporting her/him, as well as being aware of office flow.

Main Responsibilities:

During Shift:

Count, manage, and balance cash drawer

Retrieve and return Phone Messages

  • Disturbed pink messages to appropriate individuals
  • Re-schedule appointments, add transactions, and stop managers to missed appointments

Receive NP information from Screenings (Split with Check-In)

  • Add NP Files, information, transaction, and payment to Platinum

Print Green Box List Daily

  • Daily- go through outstanding HMAs on the list, note the times of patients scheduled for the day, manage those patient accounts

Print Red Box List Weekly

  • Call and Stop Manage people who need to schedule workshops

Prepare HMA paperwork for upcoming/current shift

Promote “Promotions” at the front desk

  • Make Body Signal information/handouts/flyers available
  • Encourage guests at Workshops

Manage Lending Library Forms, check-outs, and returns with patients

Communicate with Exam/Adjusting Doctors regarding patient HMA and needs

Manage Patient Accounts

  • Print Schedules and Receipts for Patients
  • Enter Transactions (See Transaction List)
  • Enter/manage appropriate “stop managers’”
  • Collect Monthly Payments
  • Prepare EFT forms for Office Managers
  • Assign new gowns
  • Collect payment for supplements/pro-shop sales
  • Add PINCs
  • Schedule Future Appointments, Re-schedule Missed Appointments and Consults

Check-out all patients at NPs, R1s, R2s, R4s, R5s, and R6s (see addendum)

Balance Platinum and Income during Report Time

Manage Gifting

  • Patient of the Week
  • Chiro Kid of the Month
  • Family of the Month
  • 1st Progress Exam
  • R4

Manage Testimonials

  • Receive testimonials
  • Copy twice
  • Give one copy to their Primary Doctor
  • Send one copy to the person who referred them in with a Thank You Letter
  • Scan Testimonials into team Documents
  • Save by name
  • Save by condition

Daily Closing Responsibilities:

Balance Income

Prepare Daily Packet

  • Copy Checks
  • Print:
  1. Income sheet
  2. Transactions
  3. Transactions by method of payment; Checks, Cash
  4. Daily Summary Report
  • Note the Arrival Number for the day
  • Staple packet together
  • Deposit checks and cash

Monday Meeting Responsibilities:

Net Momentum

FSV (Future Scheduled Visit)

Weekly Collections

Patient of the week

Be ready to receive Patients in need of gifting and/or other tasks

Thursday Weekly Closing Responsibilities:

Confirming Transactions

Reviewing all patients’ accounts who had special appointments scheduled:

(NP, Consults, R1s, R2s, R4s, R5s and R6s)

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