Chiropractor – 786320

Job Description

Location: Dublin, OH

Techniques: Diversified, Manual Adjusting

Practice Style: Subluxation-based

Income Potential: $80,000 – $120,000

Contact Number: 888-812-1238

Organization: Chiro MatchMakers

Job Description & Requirements

A reputable family practice, specializing in subluxation-based treatment, in Dublin, OH is seeking an outstanding candidate for an Associate Chiropractor position to help complete their family. Our practice structure is designed, not only to help as many people as possible in our community, but to ensure our team has balance in their lives as well.

Our doctors are hired to be just that; doctors. Not marketers, not administrative staff; doctors. You will be hard pressed to find another position that gives you balance in life with the pay scale we are offering. You also are not responsible for anything other than treating patients to the best of your ability. We only work Monday – Thursday. We offer benefits and flexibility. All we ask for is your best. We have a fun-loving, laid-back, family environment. We are all about our community and ensure that everyone involved–patients and staff–are treated with love and respect.

Additional Opportunity Details 

  • PTO

  • IRA

  • Health insurance stipend

Community Highlights 

Living in Dublin is essentially living in Columbus, for a fraction of the cost. A short 20 minutes from the state capital, Dublin has beauty and suburban serenity all at a much lower cost of living. Dublin, itself, is moderately sized with community activities and events to partake in if you don’t feel like driving to Columbus.

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