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Job Description

Doctor of Chiropractic

Currently seeking a Doctor of Chiropractic to join our family practice. The ideal candidate must have a true desire to help us serve our community by providing excellent Chiropractic care.  

We take an overall, holistic approach to our patient’s care. That means from day one, we can strive to help our patients live a healthier, pain free life.

Our mission is the relentless pursuit of exceptional patient care through Chiropractic, Progressive Rehabilitation®, and Wellness care.


Responsibilities of the Doctor of Chiropractic

· Educate and adjust our patients towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care. 

· Not only help our patients get well, but more importantly teach them how to stay well.

· Participate in the selection of a suitable treatment plan for all patients.

· Evaluate the functioning of the neuro-muscular-skeletal system and the spine using systems of chiropractic diagnosis.

· Diagnose health problems by reviewing patients’ health and medical histories; questioning, observing and examining patients; and interpreting x-rays.

· Provide therapy/rehab, exercise instruction and nutritional guidance for our patients.




· Doctor of Chiropractic degree

· IL State-issued Chiropractor License, if you are licensed in any US state, we can wait for your license

· Experience in Subluxation Based Practice

· Experience in Family Oriented Care

· Functional Health (Nutrition Centered Practice)

· Experience in Rehabilitation Care/ Personal Injury

· Experience in Sports Chiropractic

· Interest in Wellness Lifestyle Education

· Able to naturally customize your approach to each patient

· Finds deep satisfaction in forming and enjoying close relationships with your patients

· Naturally upbeat and can get others excited about Chiropractic care

· Possesses a great desire to learn more about Chiropractic and how it can help others

· Innately sense the feelings of others and often feel the patient’s needs before they even voice it

· Great people and communication skills and a passion for helping others through Chiropractic care. 

· Excellent relationship building skills

· Specific Techniques: Diversified, Activator, and Thompson Drop

Compensation and Benefits for the Doctor of Chiropractic


Starting Base Salary $75,000 after initial training/onboarding 90-day period of $1000/week

Medical Insurance