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Chiropractor – 1038287

Job Description

(Doctors licensed in any state are welcome to apply).

Location: Sarasota, FL 

Techniques: Manual Adjustments, Diversified, Palmer Package, Drops, Lumbar Traction IE: Cox Technique; Wellness Lifestyle Education (Nutrition/Supplementation); Functional Medicine; Active/Passive Therapy Approach 

Practice Style: Care for Individuals, Families, Pediatric, Prenatal; Rehabilitation Care, Pain Relief; Sports Chiropractic; Subluxation- & Symptom-based Practice; Personal Injury Practice; Sports Performance & Rehab Clinic

Compensation: $80,000

Contact Number: (888) 311-1981

Organization: Chiro Match Makers

Job Description & Requirements
A practice in Sarasota, FL is seeking an Associate Doctor to join their team. In this role, you will take x-rays, perform consultations and adjustments, and provide recommendations for ongoing care. In addition, the focus will be on providing therapy/rehabilitation to patients and giving exercise instruction and nutrition information.

The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, efficient, and dedicated to helping patients live a more fulfilled life. They are sincere and conscientious, and enjoy routine. Preference will be given to somebody who is willing to engage in internal workshops and ongoing professional development.

This position provides a competitive salary and paid time off. The schedule features a 5-day workweek with 3 half-days per week, and there may be an opportunity to purchase the practice in 2 years.

Community Highlights
Sarasota is a city located along the Gulf Coast of Florida, just south of Tampa. Once home to the Ringling Brothers Circus, a troupe of 7 siblings who became one of the largest circuses in America within the 19th and 20th centuries, Sarasota now has the Ringling Museum of Arts, the legacy left behind by one of the siblings that houses a beautiful collection of art. Sarasota is also home to stunning beaches, botanical gardens, a marine laboratory and aquarium, excellent shopping circles, and a Big Cat Habitat & Sanctuary.

About the Clinic
This practice is dedicated to supporting spinal health through chiropractic care, and helping the surrounding muscles through massage therapy. They have a 3D spine simulator that allows patients to explore and understand where their pain is coming from and what is causing it (as well as additional symptoms that ail them as a result of their pain).

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