Associate Chiropractor – 802542

Job Description

Location: Little Rock, AR

Techniques: Diversified, Thompson, Corrective

Practice Style: Subluxation

Patient Base: 150-200/week

Income Potential: Up to $90K

401K: Yes

PTO: Yes

Moving Bonus: $2,000

Malpractice Insurance: Yes

Contact Number: 888-812-1238

Organization: Chiro MatchMakers

Job Description & Requirements

A reputable family practice in Little Rock, Arkansas is seeking an outstanding candidate for an Associate Chiropractor position to help complete their family. 

Our Practice is offering an opportunity to showcase your clinical skills as a Chiropractor in our practice. We are looking for a positive person with great people and communication skills and a passion for helping others through Chiropractic care. Excellent relationship-building skills are a must to ensure service is provided with a high degree of quality. You will be responsible for all the activities involved in converting and retaining practice members.

  • Examination Process / New Patient Conversion Process

    • Perform Patient Consultation /Examination

    • Perform Report of Findings / Recommendations for Care

  • Clinical / Patient Care

    • Adjusting

    • Conduct Re-exams

    • Recommend Ongoing Care

    • ExerciseInstruction

    • Nutritional /Supplements

  • Meetings,Training & Development

    • Professional Development / Attend Seminars

Community Highlights 

  • Little Rock is the steady capital of Arkansas. Typical of mid-America, the downtown area is laid out on a rectangular grid with modern architecture, a sprinkling of older historic structures, and a waterfront park along the Arkansas River. North Little Rock is a growing, business-friendly and mainly progressive middle class center across the river.

  • The area’s economy is supported by the state government, a very large teaching hospital associated with the University of Arkansas, and a smattering of private employers mainly in the service sector including retail, direct marketing, and a modest amount of high tech. Notable attributes include the low cost of living for a capital city and state center, and the availability of healthcare resources.

  • There is a small assortment of cultural assets, mostly local in character. Recreation consists mainly of college sports, a few minor league teams and nearby watersports. For a capital city, incomes are relatively high especially in relation to the low cost of living. Housing costs are particularly low.

  • Little Rock is situated between the Ouachita Mountains to the west and the flat Mississippi River Valley lowlands to the east. Hilly residential areas west of the city rise to 600 feet. The climate is continental with an element of humid subtropical, particularly in summer. Winters are mild, but outbreaks of cold air are common. Precipitation is fairly well distributed throughout the year with the majority arriving in summer as thunderstorms. Snow is negligible but occasional ice storms can be severe. First freeze is early November, last is late March.

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