Associate Chiropractor – 799678

Job Description

(Chiropractors licensed in any state are welcome to apply, we can wait for you to become licensed!)

Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Techniques: Manual Adjusting, Diversified, Activator, Drops, Webster (you must be willing to get certified)

Practice Style: Subluxation-Based

Compensation: $80,000 – $100,000

Contact Number: 888-812-1238

Organization: Chiro Match Makers

Job Description & Requirements

Antoniotti Chiropractic, in Kalamazoo, MI is seeking an outstanding Associate Chiropractor to join their growing Family Chiropractic Practice.

Their Practice is offering an opportunity to showcase your clinical skills as a Chiropractor in their practice. They are looking for a positive person with great people and communication skills and a passion for helping others through Chiropractic care. Excellent relationship-building skills are a must to ensure service is provided with a high degree of quality. You will be responsible for all the activities involved in converting and retaining practice members.

Additional Opportunity Details 

  • PTO
  • 401K

About Us


Integrity – We are committed to providing the highest level of service and care for our patients. We will always be honest in our recommendations and pricing, and aligned with our goals and values. Our commitment is always to our patients first, above anything else.


Community – We are a goal oriented team, focused on achieving the highest levels of success in service, results and reputation. We strive to make our office a gathering place for a health-centered community to thrive. We are committed to delivering not only our expertise, but also including the expertise of other wellness professionals, as resources for our community.


Optimal Health – We are all committed to our own individual health. We lead by example. We are committed to living what we preach. Clean diet, regular exercise, proper supplementation, and chiropractic adjustments are the keystone to our health and success. We are passionate about living life at Optimal!


Leadership – We are called to lead. Our community needs chiropractic care more than ever. We will take any opportunity to tell others about the benefits of chiropractic. We will lead by example and encourage others to ask questions and follow!


Passion – We love what we do. The passion for our work and for chiropractic is palpable in our office. We are committed to sharing that energy with our community. Our passion is evident in our voices, our actions, and our appearance. Our passion drives us and fuels us. We work hard to achieve our goals, and are energized by our successes.

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