Hire Your Next Chiropractic Assistant With Us

Hire Your Next Chiropractic Assistant With Us2019-11-07T15:56:49+00:00

The Chiromatchmaker Chiropractic Assistant (CA) Discovery Process

  • Call 1: Initial consultation call to answer your questions & explain our process (Free)
  • Call 2: ProScan review with owner/hiring manager
  • Creation of job model (avatar)
  • CMM creates your unique job description and posts all over the Internet
  • Our team measures all candidates, and reviews and filters all applicant resumes
  • Send in high percentage match candidates for you to interview
  • Once candidate is hired we will conduct a criminal and credit background check on your behalf
  • Price: $2,750 one-time fee.

Why Our Process is Unique

We think of our work as blood typing, or DNA mapping for employees. Our niche is in finding ideal CA’s for your office. Our process enables you to understand, down to the smallest detail, every trait that makes up your ideal chiropractic assistant.

We begin by working with you to understand and create your “avatar,” or ideal person, for the position you have open. We then utilize our patented cognitive test along with our specialized predictive behavioral tools to define exactly who you’re looking for. Then we find that person for you.

Once we understand exactly who you need, we tirelessly scour all corners of the earth. We do all of the work for you. We post your job, and embed a cognitive test in that ad across multiple platforms. When someone scores in your ideal range for cognitive ability then our team analyzes the resume, and if they have the skill set your looking for, we have the candidate take our predictive behavioral survey.

The Right Match – We Sift, Sort & Screen Your Applicants For You

Only if an applicant is an 80% match or higher to your avatar we send them to you to interview. We recognize your time is valuable. Our service ensures that you are only spending your time interviewing highly qualified candidates interested in the position you have available. We do not stop until we have found the ideal person that you are looking for related to your organizations culture, team dynamics, and technical job requirements. We do this for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters or head hunters.

“The agents at Chiro Matchmakers have streamlined a complicated hiring process that is both fair and fruitful to the doc and associate doctor. I have had great success with their company in vetting my docs and continue to refer to them as a very satisfied client.”

Dr. Chae Tracy

“I contacted Chiro Matchmakers in search for a position as an associate doctor. Within a few Days the team evaluated my personally, reviewed my resume, learned my needs and desires in practice, and in less than a month connected me with exactly what I was looking for. I was hired immediately thanks to Chiro Matchmakers. They really are the best in the Chiropractic industry and I would high recommend using them!”

Dr. Thomas Drzemala

“I benefited immensely from the advice and guidance Dr. Miner and his matchmaker team provided me to find an office that best fit my strengths!”

Dr. Cesar Bernal

“I would like to thank The CMM team for helping me find a ROCK STAR associate, and more importantly for giving me the tools to build out his contract. I have had many associates in the past that I hired on my own and without being given the information from the CMM process it is difficult to know what motivates them. I love the simplicity and thank you again!”

Peter Martone, D.C.

Choosing Your Boss

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The Art of Team Building

Nothing in business is as satisfying as a beautifully assembled team. Teams are a reflection of your company’s culture and leadership. However, we need to recognize that great teams result from its members each having