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CA’s Are The Obvious and Not So Obvious Key to Your Practice Long Term Success

As chiropractors, we are in the business of saving lives. That means when business is good, everybody wins! So, as a chiropractic assistant staffing business, our desire is for you to have the healthiest, most profitable practice possible.

We have seen that the best practices, have the best people on their teams. Therefore, transformation through amazing team members means your business changes from a job into a true business that runs without you. A business where you don’t always have to be present. A business where things will keep running beautifully without you.

Too often when you hire someone, only after you have hired them do you realize they’re not as fast, or as smart as you thought they were going to be.  Worse, you realize they are bad for our office culture. This creates a massive problem for you now that you have committed the investment to pay and train this person.

Another challenge is when a candidate presents themselves in the interview differently than who they actually are. If you have ever hired someone, only to have them become a completely different person than who you thought you were getting in the months that follow, then you can appreciate the pain we are talking about here.

All of these issues happen when you hire someone based on emotion and your ability to read them. Often you might be correct. However, it only takes getting this wrong once to pay a severe price in this day of google reviews that can haunt your business for years to follow.

This is why as chiropractic hiring and staffing experts, we rely so heavily on data to determine who is a great fit for your office. Data from conative, cognitive, and historical information about your candidates allows you to remove the emotion that happen when hiring.

Predictive data allows you to choose the person with the highest probability of being an amazing fit, while removing the blind spots we are all susceptible to when interviewing people.

When it comes to having absolute clarity around who you bring onto your team, everything changes. This clarity we speak about is very similar to blood typing. Just like your body, you can’t have a blood transfusion or organ replacement until you’ve been tested to make sure the blood type fits. This is the same thing when adding a new member to your team.

With the comprehensive suite of tools we have available as chiropractic recruiters, we ensure this person is the ideal fit for the job you have available. We test candidates in several ways to make sure that they’re a great fit for your team.

In his book “Good to Great,” Jim Collins talks about getting the right people in the right seat on your bus. Then, you must get those people in the right seats on the bus. Sometimes you have amazing people. They’re great for your office culture and are loyal and helpful, but, they are not in the right role. Knowing exactly which role each person should be in will prove profitable and fun. When everyone loves what they do, you no longer have to motivate them because they are motivated on their own.

We have invested in a suite of predictive behavioral tools, cognitive assessments, and historical surveys that will completely change how you look at hiring and team building. These are tools that fortune 100 companies use and purchase licenses for. They typically run anywhere from $10,000-$75,000 per license. We have purchased these license and have made them accessible to you as a chiropractic business owner for the first time in our profession.

– Allen Miner DC

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