Job hunting is a lot like dating – you’ve got to begin with a clear vision of what you are looking for if you really want to find what will make you “happy”. And the definition of “happy” is probably going to vary quite a bit from person to person based on taste, objectives – and stage of life. In fact, the definition of exactly “what” will make you happy will most likely change for you based on what stage of life you are in at any given time.

Finish this sentence for me: “Begin with the end in ___________ “.

If you filled-in “mind” – nice work. Begin with the end in mind. We have all heard it before, but how often do we plow forward in even the most important initiatives of our lives without the slightest idea of what “success” looks like – never mind a crystal clear “end in mind.” Well, Doc, let me save you some pain here…Do not do this with your career decisions.

Choosing your first job as a chiropractor – or next job – is one of the most important decisions of your life right now. Your first position will make a lasting impression on you. In nature this is called imprinting. Don’t take this lightly – you will be shaped in some way by your first job, first boss, first chiropractic practice. Make sure to choose wisely. Do you know what you are looking for?

If you are looking for your “next” opportunity – this most likely means that you are unhappy with your current position. If this is you then I most likely do not need to remind you of how expensive making the wrong job choice can be. As a chiropractor, taking the wrong position can feel like an enormous waste of time, energy, focus and money. In fact, often the “opportunity loss” is the most painful. This difference between taking the right job and the wrong job can mean years wasted and 10’s of thousands of dollars lost. Let’s not make that mistake again. Do you know exactly what you are looking for in a job right now?

I want to help you find the Ideal Job. To do that, we’ll have to get you greater clarity around “the end you’ve got in mind.” Stay tuned to this series where we will drill down on the most vital elements of identifying the right opportunity for you in chiropractic – and how to quickly rule out the wrong ones. Stay tuned.

Stop guessing – it’s Science.

Thanks for Reading!

Stephen Franson, DC
Co-Founder Chiro MatchMakers