I admit it. I love the show Ballers. As brash and vulgar as the show can be – it’s pure entertainment for someone who loves football and business. The essence of the show pits Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as a former NFL star / now high-level sports agent named Spencer Strasmore, representing some of the biggest franchise players in the game. In my favorite episode, his biggest client, “Ricky Jerret” played by John David Washington, faces a major dilemma in choosing his future career path. As a free-agent, Ricky now has to choose his next team.

In this episode, Ricky is torn between following his dream of playing with some of his favorite teams and coaches, living in his favorite cities – or just following the money. Ricky is smart and he knows that there is a lot riding on this decision beyond the dollar signs. Where will he have the chance to play his best ball? Where will he become the best player? Which quarterback gives him the best chance to win? To win a Super Bowl? Which choice will lead to his Hall of Fame career?

Ricky takes a direction that I admire. He goes with the coach. He chooses to follow a coach. This, in my eyes is a remarkable decision. There are tens of millions of dollars on the line – but Ricky wisely sees the long game. He puts himself in the best position with an eye on his ultimate goal: to become the best player he can be.

What is your highest value? What are you looking to accomplish in your next role as a Chiropractor? What are you goals and highest priorities? Do you want to develop your clinical skills? Your leadership skills? Your Chiropractic Philosophy? Team Leadership? Marketing? Networking? Public Speaking? Or simply and honestly – just earn the best living? Well, that’s awesome – you’ll need to know that when choosing your next job. Because in choosing your next job, you’re choosing your next boss. And, as with Ricky Jerret in Ballers – there is a lot at stake.

In future posts we will explore several “Boss Archetypes”. We will discuss the attributes, benefits and draw-backs associated with each. My goal will be to help you identify the type of “boss” you are looking to hire and – how to recognize the right one when you meet them.

A great boss is like a great coach; they will bring our your best. They will create the environment where you will have the opportunity to work hard, add value and play your best game. Where will you find this opportunity? Where will you receive the greatest reward and take the next step in your Chiropractic Hall of Fame career? Where will you win? Where will you become the best player you can be?

Thanks for Reading!

Stephen Franson, DC
Co-Founder Chiro MatchMakers